“When I started taking Emily’s PILATEASE classes in April, I had never taken Pilates before. I found out that though I was accustomed to working out regularly, Pilates is a different type of exercise. In fact, it’s a finely tuned skill that challenges every muscle (even the baby ones you didn’t know you had) and forces you to think about coordinating movements in a completely new way. My abs get stronger with each session, and I have newfound muscle tone that lets me achieve certain poses I never would have been able to achieve with HIIT, running, or yoga alone. Sit ups, crunches, even PUSH UPS are easier than ever before. I have also found myself incorporating Pilates exercises that I’ve learned into my other workouts. Emily is an excellent speaker who gives clear and specific instructions over ZOOM, where only verbal cues are possible. I love her, and I love PILATEASE!!!!”