"I love teaching Pilates because it is truly beneficial for every body. Whether you are an athlete or performer looking to cross-train for your respective sport or art, or someone who's looking to get back into shape after some time away from exercising, Pilates is the perfect compliment to these ranging fitness goals. It is renowned for being a generally low-impact exercise method, enabling individuals with certain injuries and/or conditions to easily modify and perform the exercises in a safe environment. I love teaching different bodies and seeing how each one moves and responds differently to cues. Movement is universal and so powerful; when the mind is acutely focused on performing specific movements, the body will visibly begin to respond to that intention. This powerful, synergetic relationship of the mind and body is why I love practicing and teaching this method so much."



Emily is a professional Dancer and Pilates Instructor currently based in the greater Albany area. Emily was first [formally] introduced to the Pilates method as a means of rehabilitation after undergoing bilateral knee surgeries between 2011 and 2012; results of malalignment and a lack of cross-training in her dance education. As she found herself getting stronger and overall more aligned from her Pilates rehab regiment, she couldn't help but look into this unique movement method on a deeper level.


In 2015, Emily completed her first comprehensive Pilates certification with Polestar Pilates. She spent from 2015-2020 teaching a range of different clients in different studio settings within the greater NJ/NYC area, including physical therapy clinics, boutique studios, and corporate studios. In 2020, Emily decided it was time to hit the "refresh" button on her Pilates education, and went on to complete Alycea Ungaro's Real Pilates Teacher Training Program as a Bridge student for her second comprehensive certification. 


Over the last seven years that she has been teaching, Emily has completed many continuing education courses including Pilates Adaptations for People with Scoliosis, Pilates for Hip & Knee Pathologies, Pre & Post Natal Pilates Workshops, as well as industry-specific forums. She recently ranked #11 in Equinox's 2020 Top 50 Pilates Instructors.


Emily's teaching style could be described in one word as "relatable". She is passionate about making Pilates feel accessible and empowering to each individual she has the pleasure of teaching. 

Emily is thrilled to enter her 2nd season with the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company .